Ceramassist, a workflow and documentation suite for ceramic artists

Ceramassist was never intended to be a software title. It was created as a learning tool to help expedite my ceramic knowledge and process. I use ceramassist as part of my art practice. The software runs on web server powered by php5 with the sqlite and curl extensions installed. The application has no authentication or security, as it is intended to be used locally.

Download and install from github https://github.com/tobiasdemaine/ceramassist

Feature include

  • Sample / Material database, with location maps and seger formula.
  • Document database, ability to link documents to other sections.
  • Formula Database
  • Recipes Database, with groups
  • line, triaxle, quadraxial blend tests
  • Firing database with firing schedule and kiln database
  • Ware database, a place to store ware.
  • Distribution, interconnect wordpress / woo commerce web store to the ware database, manage exhibitions and stock in retailers/galleries

With a yocto thermocouple, http://www.yoctopuce.com/EN/products/usb-environmental-sensors/yocto-thermocouple you can log your kiln temperature during a firing.