My ceramic work primarily revolves around wood firing, self mined clays and rocks.  I have keen interest in geology and geography which I use to find my materials.  I travel around Central Queensland locating mineral and clay deposits through the use of geological mining data and by reading country.  I have been able to maximise the geology of my local area to be able to create ware  that utilises local clay, rocks, flora and perished sea life for stoneware body and glazes.  I am fascinated with the science of crystals and the process of turning mud into jewels and utilitarian products.  This fascination is both material based and with the process of firing. Being primarily a wood firer I have designed and built kilns to suit my practice. The kilns are designed to be fast fire and environmentally friendly by requiring small amounts of renewable fuels. Beyond my wares utility I focus on a conceptual frame works to transform my objects into new undiscovered entities. 



Solid State