3dlavins : 3 dimensional live audio video interactive network system

3dlavins was the first Audio interactive performance system for music visuals I made. It was developed in Visual Basic and C for the Windows 2000 Platform. 2 versions where written with the second being a complete rewrite to improve performance and scalability.

Source Code
https://github.com/tobiasdemaine/OKO-T-SOFTWARE/tree/master/3dlavins 2

3dlavins features include

  • True 3d Environment
  • Particle Effects
  • Strobe Rendering effects
  • Colour Keying
  • Blending Effects
  • Audio Analysis Engine
  • Single, Dual or up to 8 multiple view ports
  • real time text / titling
  • 3d Camera effects
  • real time video wrapping on 3d objects
  • up to 20 layers of video can be mixed simultaneously
  • 3d landscape environments
  • network clients
  • video loader and feeder
  • video controller 3d mesh loader and effect controller
  • midi interface
  • webcam spatial positioner
  • multiple hand held control devices joysticks mice