AR[t] A Web based Augmented Reality Distribution System

AR[t]  is the back bone of my current digital augmented reality projects.  The projects currently take the form of digital mapped projections, connectivity to deep learning for mapped projections, interactivity with digital projections through the use of network devices (Arduino/Raspberry Pi computers, mobile phones, tablets etc) and interactive in device 2d and 3d Augment Reality.

AR[t]  distributes Augment Reality applications from one centralised scalable cloud server.

Base applications take the form of plugins that are run as instances. These instances can uniquely utilise users and roles. Each instance has its own settings delivered through a JSON settings file. For example an artwork application can have user log in to interact with each other or within a single instance of and artwork application.

The architecture of the cloud server has been developed with python3. Each instance is set up through a web based interface.


  • Mapper, a projection mapping system that enable, GLSL shader, images, videos, video streams, 3d content and JavaScript programs to be displayed on the light mapping. Mapper is used in my projects bMap, We and custom event light mapping for festivals and cultural events.
  • arZone, a in device augmented reality system, for displaying augmented reality content at specific GPS locations. ARzone is used my projeects Storm Surge Totems and Wreck Point AR.
  • Zone, a system for displaying 2d content at given GPS point. A zone can be used for information on walk, festivals,arts trials cities where information can be access about specific places and times. For example Zone can be used to display who playing currently at a particular venue at music festival or to display information at import geological or flora at specific points along a national park walking trail.