Tobias De Maine


wood, gas & electric firings / rock glazes / wild clays / wheel thrown / hand built

"As is their general philosophy the ancient Chinese aimed to cooperate and conform with natural forces, so in their arts they aimed to obtain the results they wanted by cajoling and flattering their raw materials so that in the product the full beauty and character of those materials was brought into play. They used persuasion and diplomacy rather than coercion. The European tendency, at least in recent times, is so to handle and control the material that it will do what it is told to do and not give trouble. We use coercion instead of persuasion; and the result is that the material is unable (if we may use the expression) to give us its love, because in the processing we subjected it, we ourselves did not give it ours."
Michael Cardew - Pioneer Pottery


Drawings & Paintings

Music Videos

Multi Media Installations

OKO T, a realtime generative software based video art project for use at music festivals, was a collaboration between artist, Tamara Sladojevic and myself. Download our software for Linux.






Digital Technical Assistance



Software, Multi-Media and Design clients. From Web based Share-trading systems to Music festival multi-media installations and everything in between.


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